Alexa Fazio

Full-Stack Developer

CS @ Georgia Tech

Alexa Fazio


Hi I’m Alexa 👋 a developer, college student, and content creator!

Driven by my love for learning and fostering connections within the tech community, I strive to work on projects that make a difference.

Through Bits of Good at Georgia Tech, I’ve channeled my skills into developing applications for local nonprofits.

You’ll also find me creating technical content on YouTube and Twitch where I explore web development, networks, system architecture, and whatever is captivating me at the moment!


Canine Assistants dog dashboard

Canine Assistants

A web database to track service dog behavior and medical concerns.

Next.js • MongoDB • Azure • CI/CD
Canine Assistants dog dashboard

Markdown Blogger

A plugin for Obsidian that allows developers to push markdown notes to their local blog, portfolio, or static site. Has over 3,500 downloads.

TypeScript • Obsidian API
File upload page

Georgia Tech PeerNotes

A P2P note sharing platform that allows students to host and search for notes based on professor, course, semester and topic.

Django • Flask • React.js • SQLite
Web crawler system diagram

Web Crawler

A simple domain-specific web crawler written in Go with MongoDB as a web archive. Parses pages for keywords and creates an inverted index table for search queries.

Go • MongoDB